Autumn is HEAR!

Hear the difference this winter with Rechargeable, Invisible or iPhone connected Hearing Aids. We cane even fit you with completely in-the-canal soft Hearing Aids with-out the need for impressions on the day of your appointment! The time is now to update or get new Hearing Aids. Call us now on 9521 8979 and don't miss a moment of 2017!

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  • Hearing Aids

    Independent clinic providing you with unbiased advice.

  • APD assessments

    Auditory Processing Disorder assessments for children from 7 years

  • Tinnitus

    Ringing in the ears? Call us to discuss your options

  • Hearing Assessments

    Full diagnostic hearing assessments form 4 years old

Professional Hearing Care

Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic is an independent, boutique hearing clinic located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne with the main office situated in the lovely bayside suburb of Sandringham. At Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic you will experience high level expertise, a world class range of hearing technology, coupled with old-fashioned service and support. Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic is the ideal place for people who prefer personalised care and individual solutions for their hearing needs.

Proudly independent and family owned and operated, we will always act in the best interest of our clients. Many hearing clinics are either owned by multinational hearing aid manufacturers or large corporations. We believe this creates a conflict of interest in providing quality recommendations and service because they are limited to promoting a single brand of hearing aid, and may focus more on the bottom line rather than outcomes for their clients


Proudly family owned and operated providing personalised services to Government and Private clients

Private and Government Patients

Ayling Hearing is a private clinic and is able to provide our full service to both private patients as well as eligible pensioners and veterans through the Office of Hearing Services voucher scheme. Please call us to find out how we can help you.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Central Auditory Processing Disorder: inability to differentiate, recognize, or understand sounds; hearing and intelligence are normal.

Hearing Aids – Latest technology

Latest Hearing Aid technology available from all of the worlds leading manufacturers. We are fully authorized and trained in the fitting & management of all devices.

Signia Silk primax

For people who don’t want hearing aids.

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Microsuction Ear Wax removal


Microsuction Ear Wax Removal now available!