Private Health Insurance

Audiology is covered under most health fund plans. Audiologists at Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic are registered with the majority of private health funds for rebates. If you find that we aren’t registered with your specific fund, please contact us so we can rectify this for you. Every effort will be made to ensure that we are registered, so you can receive the health fund rebate that you are entitled to. 

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a Audiologist however some private health funds may require a doctor’s referral letter before they will pay benefits for Audiology. Every health insurance policy is different, so you will need to check the specific terms and conditions of yours.

Chronic Disease Management -previously the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program provides Medicare rebates for allied health services (i.e. Audiology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy) for individuals who have a chronic medical condition. A chronic medical condition is one that has been or will be present for at least 6 months.

You may be eligible to claim a rebate through Medicare for these services if you have a chronic condition that is being managed by your GP under an Chronic Disease Management plan.

The CDM benefit provides a maximum of five (5) total rebates per calendar year, for all Allied Health services. This means that if you are accessing more than one Allied Health service, you are entitled to 5 rebates across all the services combined, not 5 rebates per service. The benefit cannot be used in conjunction with private health care benefits.

If you are unsure as to you (or your child’s) eligibility please discuss it with your GP.

Medicare rebates are indexed on 1 November each year.