Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic carries out repairs and maintenance to all major brands of hearing aids. Most repairs are done in-house. However, in some cases the aid may be sent to the manufacturer.

Hearing aids are exposed to a harsh environment including damp and waxy conditions on a daily basis. Because of this, and normal wear and tear, you can expect to face a few repairs during the lifespan of your hearing instrument.

Proper care of your hearing instrument such as using a desiccate system to help reduce moisture and cleaning after wearing with an alcohol wipe can reduce the likelihood of needing repairs. If your hearing instrument is requiring constant repairs and are a few years old, then it may be time to consider new hearing aids.

We provide high quality batteries for all types of hearing aids at a very competitive price. Batteries can purchased at our clinics, via our website or can be ordered by phone and be delivered by mail.

Pensioners and Veterans under the Office of Hearing Services Voucher scheme may obtain maintenance of their hearing aids and regular supply of batteries on payment of an annual fee (Veterans may be exempt). Find out more about services for pensioners and veteran by calling us on 9521 8979.

Batteries and repairs for WorkCover clients are at no cost to them and are covered by the WorkCover Insurer.