Hearing Aids

All hearing aid manufacturers share a common goal, they all want to create and provide the best hearing aid technology.  Manufacturers provide a range of technology from a more basic amplification device to a premium device with all the latest technology that research has provided.

At Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic we are trained in the fitting of devices from all premium manufacturers.  Not all hearing devices have exactly the same selection of accessories and options.  As a private hearing clinic we are able to assist you to select technology from across a wide range of manufacturers to provide you with the best solution for your hearing and communication requirements.

A full hearing assessment will be carried out to determine the severity of your hearing loss and to identify any potential concerns.  We will interpret your hearing loss and discuss your needs and expectations with you as well as any preferences you may have.  If hearing aids are recommended we will advise you regarding suitable hearing aid options.  As a private clinic we are not affiliated with any one manufacturer and as such you can be assured that our advice remains unbiased and the final decision will always be yours.