Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Having trouble hearing - it could be a wax build-up!

At Ayling Hearing & Audiology Clinic, we offer effective and fast ear wax removal services using micro suction. 


What is micro suction?

Microsuction is an alternative to irrigation and is suitable for most people, including those for whom irrigation is not an option or has proved ineffective. 

This highly skilled procedure involves a thorough examination of the ear canal and assessment of the condition of the wax. A small speculum is then inserted into the ear canal to open it up and the wax is gently removed using a small suction device. 

The process is safe and preferred by a number of patients.


What do I need to do prior to the appointment?

Before all wax removal treatments, it is advisable to use a spray or drops designed for softening ear wax, for at least 3 days prior to appointment. Please follow the directions of the wax softening agent that you have chosen.

Please be advised that if you have think you may have a perforated ear drum it is not advisable to use any form of wax softening agent.  Please speak with your General practitioner if you are unsure of the status of your ear health and whether the use of wax softening agents is advisable if you are unsure. 


Suffering from excessive earwax build up?   Book an appointment  with us for comfortable micro-suction ear wax removal in a friendly environment.  If you wish to know more, please feel free to phone Ayling Hearing on 9521 8979.