WIDEX Hearing Aids
Nature has given us two ears designed to work together.
Widex Clear 440 Hearing Aid

Widex Clear 440 Hearing Aid

And like two ears, the new WIDEX CLEAR™440 hearing aids communicate with each other. Instantly and constantly. It means that you can experience sound as close to natural as possible – completely wirelessly.

Being wireless CLEAR440 also makes it easy for you – via a uniquely designed range of accessories – to watch television or to use your mobile phone. All in high quality sound.

As nature intended

CLEAR440 can be configured exactly the way you would like, and your hearing care professional can help you choose the model that best suits your needs. So you can always hear as naturally as possible in different situations.

WIDEX CLEAR™440 benefits

To get the most out of the advanced features in your hearing aids, CLEAR440 uses new wireless technology, WidexLink. This guarantees that your hearing aids can communicate with each other instantly. Just like two ears do.

Handling difficult listening situations

Even at the best of times, listening clearly can be challenging when using your hearing aid.

The CLEAR440 solutions to these challenges are:

Detailed, natural and clear sound.
CLEAR440´s new compression system makes sure that changing between soft sounds and loud sounds feels smooth and comfortable.
Better understanding of speech in noisy situations.
The IE Speech Enhancer helps you determine what is noise and what is speech. Speech gets the clarity it deserves.
Location of sound from any direction.
The Digital Pinna in CLEAR440 helps you in determining which direction the sound is coming from. This way the Digital Pinna works like the visible part of the ear – the natural pinna – which collects sound, a bit like a funnel.

Wireless – especially for hearing aids

WidexLink from Widex is a new wireless technology made especially for hearing aids:

Connectivity that lasts
CLEAR440 hearing aids react without delay when you change listening environment, and every time you switch to a different program. They do this because of the fast WidexLink which allows the CLEAR440 hearing aids to communicate with each other constantly – up to 21 times per second.
If connection between the hearing aids is lost, an instant alert is produced, triggered by the WidexLink surveillance system.
Easy and convenient fitting
A visit to your hearing care professional is faster and more convenient for you. Fitting of CLEAR440 is completely wireless and therefore easier.

Because of WidexLink you can also enjoy high quality TV, music and mobile sound – via our advanced wireless accessories, the DEX devices.

Hear sound from selected directions
Front, back, left and right. FreeFocus is our answer to the challenge of hearing from different directions, without having to turn your head.
Dedicated relaxation
Our IE Zen dedicated relaxation program plays random and harmonic tones when you feel like relaxing.
Be verbally informed
SmartSpeak™ informs you of various hearing aid functions such as program mode and alerts you of low battery power. It does so either verbally or with different tones – the choice is yours.

Freedom of choice

The WIDEX CLEAR™440 series gives you the possibility of matching your hearing aids to your particular needs:


RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) model.
Recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss.
Extremely discreet, elegant and ultra small hearing aid, which integrates aesthetics and performance in one compact unit.


CLEAR440 is available in 14 colours from discreet to high fashion.

Accessories – DEX listening devices

By combining your CLEAR440 hearing aids with one of our advanced wireless accessories – the DEX devices – you can easily handle some of the more difficult listening situations such as watching television, listening to music or using your mobile phone.

All our DEX devices are designed to be intuitive and easy to use with simple, recognisable controls.


TV-DEX - Listen to your TV using your WIDEX CLEAR 440 Hearing Aid

TV-DEX – TV without echo

Watching television can sometimes be a challenge for hearing aid users. With our TV-DEX, high quality audio is streamed with no delay straight to your CLEAR440.

No delays or echoes: The main advantage of the TV-DEX is its real time hi-fi quality sound. You experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended – without annoying delays or echoes.

Room Off: With TV-DEX you can temporarily switch the hearing aid’s microphone off and hear the TV sound only – we call this ‘Room Off’– meaning you can enjoy your favourite TV programme without unnecessary background noise.

10 hours battery: TV-DEX delivers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted, top quality TV or audio sound between recharging of controller.


M-DEX - bluetooth for your WIDEX CLEAR 440 Hearing Aid

M-DEX – Mobile

Compatible with most mobile phones, the M-DEX reproduces phone conversations directly in your hearing aid.

Room Off: A unique feature of the M-DEX is what we call ‘Room Off’. This turns the hearing aids’ microphones off temporarily so you can only hear your mobile – allowing you to concentrate on the conversation without being disturbed by surrounding sounds.

Remote control: The M-DEX can also be used as an advanced remote control for volume and program shift.

FreeFocus: M-DEX can also be used in FreeFocus mode. FreeFocus lets you focus in selected directions, such as left, right and behind, without having to turn your head.




The RC-DEX is a stylish and user-friendly remote control that gives you control of hearing aid functions like volume and programs.

Intuitive in use: Small enough to fit on a keychain, RC-DEX is intelligently laid out with three simple keys. This means that you can quickly and easily start using it.

Feature activation: As features are activated, verbal or tone cues let you know. An LED indicator on the remote control also shows when it is activated.

With DEX devices and CLEAR440, a wireless world of near-natural sound is just a phone call away.

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