Both ears are needed to hear well

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We have two ears to tell our brain from which direction sounds are coming from.

If there is hearing loss in both ears, it is usually a good idea to acquire hearing aids for both ears.

If only one ear suffers from hearing loss, we can manage with the other, but with a hearing aid in the defective ear, we can manage even better.


Couple using binaural hearing aids makeing life easy

Some important advantages include the following:

  1. Your ability to localise sounds will improve: you need two ears to tell where sounds come from.
  2. It is easier to understand speech in noisy surroundings: the brain needs input from both ears in order to separate sounds efficiently.
  3. You will experience a more complete and comfortable sound picture if you can use both ars: think of mono and stereo sounds. Two ears give you the sense of space and volume.

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