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An individual’s ability to hear immensely impacts the quality of life. With improved hearing, you are able to communicate better and actively participate in the joys of everyday life. With our complete audiological services, we can take care of all your hearing needs. Our audiologists in Melbourne provide detailed hearing assessments to offer the most appropriate solutions to your hearing concerns. We begin by assessing the nature and extent of your hearing loss to accurately diagnose and extend an effective solution. We have a range of the most advanced hearing aids, designed to ensure the best results for our patients.

If you are in need of some advice and looking for a reliable hearing aid clinic, we are here to provide the best care possible. With our wide experience, we can suggest hearing devices that are easy to use and improve your ability to hear. Based on your individual needs, our experts will provide a solution that best addresses your hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle.



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The latest technology you have been waiting for is here!

MUSE IQ Rechargable

NO more fiddly batteries
NO more having to change small batteries
IDEAL for people with low dexterity!!
LOW maintenance

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Ayling Hearing is an independent private clinic and is able to provide our full service to both private patients as well as eligible pensioners and veterans through the Office of Hearing Services voucher scheme. Please call us to find out how we can help you.

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Central Auditory Processing Disorder: inability to differentiate, recognize, or understand sounds; hearing and intelligence are normal. Ayling Hearing specialises in APD assessments. We see patients from all around Victoria. Call us to discuss why you should see Ayling Hearing for APD.

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Full diagnostic hearing assessments from 4 years old. No referral required. Whether you need to check your hearing, need an assessments for employment, CASA or Police enterance we can help. All consults are conducted by fully qualified and very experienced Audiologists.

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Microsuction method is used to remove wax from your ears quickly and painlessly. Call us for an appointment.

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