We don't just sell Hearing Aids!

We don't just sell Hearing Aids!

Posted by Darren Ayling on 2nd Jul 2018

Anyone can sell hearing aids, but a successful hearing aid fitting is dependent on a number of factors.

For a hearing aid fitting to be successful you should adopt the services of a professional audiologist who will help you to select a hearing aid that is suited to your hearing loss. The devices need to be programmed to suit your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your own personal preferences.

The selection begins at your initial hearing assessment. Many clinics perform a quick threshold screening and try to use this as the basis for your hearing aid selection. A full hearing assessment is required to diagnose your hearing loss and identify any underlying concerns. The results need to be interpreted and any concerns should investigated thoroughly and treated or medically cleared.

Hearing aids need to be carefully chosen based upon your hearing loss, anatomy, your lifestyle, your preferences, and any disabilities or management issues that you may have. This is sometimes a balancing act, providing what you want with what you may need. Hearing aids come in various styles, power levels and with varying levels of technology. They are not a one size fits all appliance.

Once all of these factors are taken into account the programming of the selected device is the all important factor. The best hearing aid technology in the world is only going to be as good as the experience of the person programming the device. This is of utmost importance, it takes experience, expertise and time in some cases to perform adjustments. It is at this point you will rely on your relationship with your audiologist. You must be sure that you are listened to and that your concerns are being considered.

And finally once the device is fitted, you are comfortable, and hopefully ecstatic with your new hearing aids, the follow-up care and maintenance is extremely important to the ongoing function of the devices. Hearing aids are miniature computer devices and they need to be cared for like any electrical or computer device. You will be responsible for the daily care of the devices. The ongoing servicing and adjustments over the years will be maintained at your clinic.

Hearing aids offer fabulous technology and the benefits are enormous, however in order to achieve optimal benefit you will rely on your relationship with your audiologist over a period of many years. At all points you need to be sure you are being listened to and any concerns are being heard. You must rely on your audiologists expertise and professionalism in handling the devices and their ability to get the most out of your hearing aids.

When considering hearing aids, don’t be lured by the promise of cheapest prices. Hearing aids are not off the shelf items, they are medical devices and they require extensive knowledge and expertise for optimal performance. The cheapest price doesn’t guarantee you the best outcome.

When considering hearing aids, don’t be lured by a large multinational or chain of clinics. Often large chains will be owned by or have an agreement with a particular manufacturer thereby reducing the options available to you at that clinic.

When considering hearing aids, don’t be lured by a clinic that only fits hearing aids. A professional audiology clinic will be interested in your overall hearing health. They should offer a range of hearing services for all your hearing needs and not only want to sell you hearing aids.

Make sure your clinic is owned by a qualified and professional audiologist. Some clinics are owned by hearing aid manufacturers or even people outside of the hearing industry such as lawyers. You can be confident that a professional audiologist will always uphold your hearing as their primary concern. A professional audiologist will specialise in hearing care and offer a range of hearing services and not simply be a retail hearing aid outlet. They will only recommend and fit hearing aids if they consider this is the best option for your hearing and communication, and they will select from variety of hearing aid brands depending upon your needs.

Always seek a professional audiologist to look after your hearing care. Anyone can sell a hearing aid, but successfully fitting and maintaining hearing aids is a professional responsibility.

At Ayling Hearing we don’t JUST sell hearing aids – we professionally select, fit & maintain your hearing aids while caring for your hearing health